Hot 31 degree ride

Done a very hot 31 degree 43 mile very hilly ride 5000ft of assents, round the Peak District at 11am it was already over 27 degrees at Longnor cafe, Learned   a new lesson today don’t put suntan lotion on your bald head went you sweat it runs in your eyes and stings like hell my eyes where all blod shot and stinging when I got back.Image


Next Challenge

Just back from a great 2 week holiday in Croatia, now back in training for my next challenge

August 4th The Prudential Ride London 102 mile on closed roads the ride has 9 hour cut off. Looking at pre ride maps etc looks like 3 good hills Newlands Corner, Leith Hill which has a short section of 18% that comes around 55 miles should be fun and lastly the famous Box Hill. Target before the ride lose half a stone ( holiday fat) build, fitness up.

ImageThe Swan public house in Cheadle have been raising money for Cancer Research Uk  they have raised over £3500.00 so far and they have put a sponsor form behind the bar for this ride. Anyway I will keep this blog gong until the ride.

Tonight I will be out on another 20+ miles training ride with Paul and Amanda, then tomorrow morning going on a 50 – 60 mile ride with Tom and Barry.




End 2 End ride

First of all sorry but I could not keep up with the blog during the ride some days just to long,also many B&Bs we stayed at on the last legs through Scotland  had bad or no WiFi connection. The ride was one hell of an experience  the 1st couple of days getting lost trying to keep on very minor roads this also added greatly to the time. Dartmoor was hell on earth very strong wind in our face, driving rain and hail. Stopped in Prince town we made the cafe look like a Launderette with our kit on radiators all over the cafe. Thankfully the weather got a lot  better the next week or so the ride over Severn bridge and views something to remember. The Friday night stop at the pub in Clun good beer great pork pie but not much sleep had a singer on making noise in the bar till almost midnight.

The ride from Clun to Frodsham was easy apart the 1st 8miles or so met my Son Dan, Cath, Elliot granddaughter fast asleep in back of car 6 miles out of Frodsham. At Frodsham our wives waiting to meet us that was nice. enjoyed an evening meal with them Tom love the expensive Ice cream blob!!! on his pie. Sunday morning the wives gave us a good send of from the hotel on way to Clitheroe  joined by Toms mate Bob stopped of at Orrell my home village near Wigan for lunch at my sister Joans Harold, Ruth, Phillip, Amanda and David greeted us. Left after lunch now also joined by The Wigan Hammer Steven Tabbener who rode wth us as far as Blackburn.

Our longest days ride nearly 11 hours was Clitheroe to Keswick  1st 20 miles sheer hell all big long hills followed later by the Lake district section up to Keswick, talk about a quick shower so we could get out for a meal and I think we picked the worse Chinese in England.

Left Keswick for Scotland and our ride on the Ghost rd no traffic B7076 and old A74 very long and boring ride stopped for a photo shoot Scotland Sigh and Gretna Green. Moffat  to Balloch ride next day we took us round the outskirts  of Glasgow and our worst B&B of the ride  in Balloch.

The most picturest   ride was Balloch to Glencoe the views of Loch Lomond  and the ride up to and through Glencoe but the 20 – 40 mph wind gust in our faces will be something I will always remember and it was bloody cold . The following days ride to Inverness  had our worst section of road or should I say track on a forest trail and our most interesting place to eat lunch on a boat on at Laggan Locks on the Caledonian Canal but owners could do with some happy pills.

The Highlands Inverness to Crask  met a gang of cyclist on Kessock Bridge doing John O’Groats  to Lands End stopped for a chat and Photos hope all going well for them.  On route to Crask we met up with Karen Dan Cath and Elliot who stayed with us in Crask  once again this section some great photos. The last day Crask to John O’ Groats 1st 30 miles mostly all down hill but we had to pay for that later  on the north coast line 50 miles of big up and down hills  but really great photo stops. I twisted my bad ankle 20 or so  miles from the end but Tom and Nick nursed me to John O’Groats and I forgot about the pain when we reached the end had a big big cuddle from Elliot Riders who had jut finished and there family’s clapped and cheered  us in,  the 3 of us shook each others hand and we all said made it well done. Had our official photo taken made our way to the Sea View hotel for a well deserved pint, and I had the added bonus of my wife and family with me .

The next day was a long 528 mile drive home. Thanks to our family and friends and people who sponsored us  I think this will be my last sponsored ride Image


Quick catch up

Saturday we road from Clun 2 Frodsham the wives waiting to meet us 8 miles out of Frodsham  our  Dan Cath and my treasure Elliot  met us Elliot was fast  asleep. The wives gave us a good send of Sunday morning on our ride to Clitheroe Toms mate  Bob joined us from the Hotel we stopped for Lunch at my sister Jones in Wigan  waiting for us were  Harold ,Ruth,Phillip , David , Amanda and the Wigan  Hammer Steve Tabbener both Steve and Bob rode with us to Blackburn sorry its short  Steve.Image

No more minor roads

Fridays ride from Monmouth to Clun after doing 7 miles in an hour we decided forget trying to stick to minor roads and use A & B roads instead. Our ave speed went from around 6 mph to over 10 mph. We did the 23 mile ride to Hereford in just over 2 hours. Found ourselves a great little café for once had a relaxing lunch, then set of for Clun we made Clun by 4.33 we had a little bet what time we would make it for I said 4.30 not bad