Hot 31 degree ride

Done a very hot 31 degree 43 mile very hilly ride 5000ft of assents, round the Peak District at 11am it was already over 27 degrees at Longnor cafe, Learned   a new lesson today don’t put suntan lotion on your bald head went you sweat it runs in your eyes and stings like hell my eyes where all blod shot and stinging when I got back.Image


Next Challenge

Just back from a great 2 week holiday in Croatia, now back in training for my next challenge

August 4th The Prudential Ride London 102 mile on closed roads the ride has 9 hour cut off. Looking at pre ride maps etc looks like 3 good hills Newlands Corner, Leith Hill which has a short section of 18% that comes around 55 miles should be fun and lastly the famous Box Hill. Target before the ride lose half a stone ( holiday fat) build, fitness up.

ImageThe Swan public house in Cheadle have been raising money for Cancer Research Uk  they have raised over £3500.00 so far and they have put a sponsor form behind the bar for this ride. Anyway I will keep this blog gong until the ride.

Tonight I will be out on another 20+ miles training ride with Paul and Amanda, then tomorrow morning going on a 50 – 60 mile ride with Tom and Barry.




2 Lads and 3 Lasses

Tom,Nick,Jan, Simon,Phil and Mick all went to do the Midlands Monster today, I was just not up to doing them hills yet. So Paul said he would ride with me today along with Carol, Amanda and Elaine We decided to do the Shugborough ride and it was a really good steady ride,  we came back a different way than normal it made it a longer ride but cut out all the hills  which was good for me and boy did we have a laugh even Paul managed to upset a snotty woman in the cafe. And the rest of the gang had a good ride at the monster so all in all a good day and a steady 50 miles

Shirley (the hairy pig}

Nice steady with Nick to the Hairy Pig Cafe found out today the pigs name is Shirley. It was a late start so we went the easy route through Scropton  Nick not feeling too well so kept it nice and steady. Hazel the cafe owner told us all about Shirley I  really like this cafe, and intend to take Elliot my granddaughter one day to say hello to Shirley, maybe when it gets warmer Karen and I will have a ride on the Tandem with Elliot’s trailer that should be fun. Another 40 miles today making 4 days on the trot and leg holding up, hope to get out again tomorrow + its been 4 days without beer, wine or spirits Image

Jo’s puncture ride

Ever think you should have stayed in bed. 5 pints yesterday watching Wigan in semi final followed by 2 whiskeys later at home my measures. Felt like shit when alarm went of but decided I would go out with the gang. Joanne had 3 front wheel punctures on our way out to the cafe stop I was about a much use as a chocolate fire guard. The rest of the gang had to help her  Tom,Phil,Bob,Mick and Paul just 7 of us on the to the cafe but we meet up with Carol at the Cafe.Felt no better after a big plate of scrambled eggs beans on toast and 4 cups of tea with plenty sugar. We had to do battle with a very strong wind seemed to be in our faces all day, Jo and Bob left us about 2 miles from home she texed me later to tell me she got another front wheel puncture that’s a record for our small club 4 puncture’s in one day most Ive ever had is 2 in a day Tom once had 3. Watch this space trying 2 give up beer now until the ride 4 weeks to go

Ride with Tommy 2 Teacakes and Nick

Did the Snelston ride with Tom and Nick and believe me or not Marlpit lane still blocked with snow, so we made a small detour and still ended up getting of the bikes and pushing because of snow. And to make matters worse I got a back wheel puncture good job Tom and Nick with me because I have no grip or strength in my right hand so I would have had no chance changing the tyre cheers mates and it was bloody cold. Took a slightly shorter route to the cafe at Denstone for Tea and beans on toast just what the doctor ordered.By the time we got home we had covered a good 33 cold hilly miles. Nick went  straight home I went back to Toms for coffee and cake then we put a new inner tube in my back tyre  and adjusted my brakes ( well tom did) then I went home for nice hot bath and more coffee.

Double teacakes

A good steady ride with Tom to Shughbrough 45mile, and Tom ordered double teacakes but he will tell all my mates it was me who ordered double. Boy we hit a head wind on our way back home in our faces all the way back, thinking about it good job we had double teacakes.Image