Donna Louise Easter ride

Did the Donna Louise Easter ride about 20 cyclist including children, I put the bike in car just did the short ride, after the ride Karen and I went to Newport for a couple of hours and enjoyed a nice pint on way home, Nice to have a relaxing  day with the boss. Looking forward to a long ride with CCC tomorrow. Get some more training for Lands End John O Groats in six weeks time



Breakfast Bun


Breakfast Bun

A bun with breakfast on and its good

Up nice and early Fri morning  felt good no pain, soreness or reaction from Thursdays  40 mile ride with nick. 10 am going meet up with some of the gang from CCC at Master Potter for another 40 mile ride. I was the 1st at the Potter shortly after Amanda arrived followed  by Tom, Nick, Elaine and Joanne 5 min’s  later Phil and Mick  met us on route.Tom led the ride to a new cafe in Foston called the Nose Bag It would be a good try out for me because its quite a hilly ride also my first back to back 40 mile ride’s. With only six week left before the 3 Amigos Lands End – John O;Groat’s this will be a good tryout on my injured Leg I got left on the hills main problem is that I still can’t stand up and pedal so I have to sit in the saddle and grind up the hill , but I made it up all the hills no problem just a bit slow was good to hit 14% on some hills with no problem.

The new cafe Nose Bag really good pot of tea and food good  nice and warm and light good looking and friendly girls behind the counter and its starting to get popular with cyclist. Got  talking two a couple  80 years old who arrived on a tandem and who still compete in tandem races get couple. After about an hour we set of home by another route not quite as hilly but with one good 14% hill was just starting to get cold by the time we got home but really enjoyed the ride cheers Tom  for leading it and the rest of the gang for waiting for me (peg leg). Will have a rest Saturday but will be out again on Sunday Steven.

Nice Pot and CupTom tucking inMe with Elaine,Nick,Joanne and AmandaElaine, Nick, Joanne and Amanda

Toasted Teacakes


Finally got out again on the bike met Nick at Master Potter 10am for a ride to Shugbrough and it was bloody cold. Going up Breech lane was fun half the road was under snow drifts and really icy, but that was nothing compared with what waited for us.The road between Hilderstone and Sandon in places was down to a single track, cars had left tracks in the snow were there wing mirrors rubbed against the snow. This is no joke but in places the snow drift was hanging over us as we cycled passed. About 8 miles from Shugbrough  the garmin decided to stop doing live tracking my hands where too cold stop and fixed it

Time for Teacakes  Yum Yum

Time for Teacakes Yum Yum

This about the safest place to stop too get a snow shot

This about the safest place to stop too get a snow shot

so decided would wait till we got Shugbrough.

By the time we got shugbrough I was ready for one  of there special BIG teacakes and a cup of tea but 1st of all like most men I needed a wee. Teacakes eaten tea drank time to play with garmin I gave up passed it to Nick Mr  IT well hes better than me but no Joy.

So we left Shugbrough  decided to ride through the estate the Hall looked great with a back drop of snow and it was quite busy with walkers but the best sight was the long horned cattle with the sun behind them what a sight. On our way home we decided to stop at my place for tea ad hot cross buns and so Nick could have a peep at my new Bike.
Once tea and buns eaten Nick went home and I had a nice long bath followed by rubbing oil in my legs. so that’s today’s training ride  another 40miles tomorrow but that’s another blog

What more snow!

Work up 6.45 am looked out of window more snow should be going for ride with Tom early afternoon, looks like its another spell in toy corner on turbo at least  cycling live on euro sports 2.30pm so an hour in the saddle with Cav and Co. 11.30 got an appointment at my favorite place DENTIST to start work on my teeth I think they will deed a jigger pick to scrape and clean my lower set boy they look and feel a mess also bet it cost me a few bob. Think I will go and do some light leg work at the gym before dentist ya that’s a good thought, when I think back before the accident I used to watch and  smile to myself when I saw beginners ( both sexes}  on leg press struggling pressing very light weight I wonder if guys and girls do the same with me now. Just to finish of police phoned me yesterday to tell me the young lady that ran into me got £300 fine £60 cost and 8 points on her license so now time to move on can’t undo what’s been done. IN SEVERN WEEKS I WILL BE AT LANDS END to start pedaling  that’s my goal

I love Outpatients departments

Early start this morning 8.30m appointment at the hand unit, Ankle swollen up a bit  maybe did a bit to much in the toy corner on turbo yesterday been told expect that. Anyway  they are happy with my progress at the hand clinic. So back home having a coffee and doing a bit more blogging. Ah any young ones reading this make sure you do well at English at school because be leave me its no fun when when your my age and reading and writing doesn’t come easy for you and you don’t know or understand grammar.

Going do another 20 mile in the toy corner (on turbo) after I have finished this see how the ankle holds up  but it got to be done to build it up and get mileage back into my legs, then 2.30pm get down on the physio table Vicky is a lovely young lady put she puts me through  ——- hell on that table my back, shoulders and neck pulled and bent all ways and that’s just for starters before she thinks about my leg and hip.Stitches where jaw platedShoulder and neck InjuriesRight AnklePelvice and Buttock injuries 1Ankle Ligament and tendon damaged