2 Groups

It was a good turn out yesterday Sunday a group of about 8 riders joined us from Draycott, Jan, Phil, Mick, Simon and the Draycott  guys set of for a very hard Hilly ride into the Peak district I think  about 60 miles Jan and Simon text me Sunday evening to say it had been a good hard ride.

Whilst Tom,Nick, Paul, Elaine, Amanda,Carol, and myself did less hilly ride but about 60 miles the long way to Foston cafe Tom was trying out his new bike i was taking it easy after having a good day and night out Saturday for my birthday with Karen the big 60 next year. I left the cafe early with Carol she had to be home early  so I set a good speed with her against a very strong wind when  I left her  she had about 1.5 miles to go for home with about 10 mins to do it so she was OK, The new tablets are doing a god job on my Tendonitis and helping the ankle as well 2 weeks today we will be setting off from lands End and my leg is better every day so fingers and legs crossed I should be OK


Introduced Nick to Babe

Had a good 43 mile ride with Tom and Nick went to our cafe at Foston once again Hazel made us a great beans and scrambled egg on brown toast. We also introduced Nick to Babe the new pig. When will this wind stop boy it was hard riding back and bloody cold as well its May next week come on sun  time you was here. Me like an idiot decided fingerless gloves would be warm enough wrong decision me thinks. Any way move on the doctor gave me some tablets to help with tendonitis in my wrist also help take the swelling down in my ankle, ankle still  swollen but my wrist felt a  lot better today not half as much pain only problem they give me a lot of turbo boost from my bum Tom and Nick not to impressed, but if stops my pain so be it. And even better when two of us have to share a room on our ride they may decide I would be better in the single room.

Tom with Babe

Had a good 57 mile ride with Tom went the longest way to Foston cafe and Tom made a new friend Babe check out photo we had a really good day, and later tonight I’m going to Pilates going to torment Erica miss Pink not seen her for a while looking forward to it Image

Uttoxeter Cycling Club

Went out with Uttoxeter Cycling Club did a nice steady 18 mile ride round Rocester and Croxden.  I joined the slow group Spencer who often join’s us on our Sunday ride was with us along with Gary who used to ride with us a couple of years ago. Now I’m not working I can do more activities at night time so I will go out with them again I’m going out with Tom later today for about a 60 mile ride.

Easy Uttoxeter ride

Just did a nice steady easy Uttoxeter ride this morning 20 mile stopped to have a chat to Karen at work.Then spent a couple of hours in the garden followed by a ride to Swinnertons with Tom and that’s about it for today apart from having a problem with mobile phone and having  to do a factory reset pain in the backside was that.

2 Lads and 3 Lasses

Tom,Nick,Jan, Simon,Phil and Mick all went to do the Midlands Monster today, I was just not up to doing them hills yet. So Paul said he would ride with me today along with Carol, Amanda and Elaine We decided to do the Shugborough ride and it was a really good steady ride,  we came back a different way than normal it made it a longer ride but cut out all the hills  which was good for me and boy did we have a laugh even Paul managed to upset a snotty woman in the cafe. And the rest of the gang had a good ride at the monster so all in all a good day and a steady 50 miles

Day started with a sickening bang

Whilst putting new bike on bike carrier to take in to have gears checked , bent down to put electrics plug from number plate board in towing socket coming back up I banged my head on my chain wheel leaving 3 nice indentations and a sore bleeding head great start to the day.

4 of us set of for a short 30 mile ride 1.20pm Tom, Nick, Elaine and I after about 2 miles Tom had major bike trouble his front gear changer snapped of his new carbon Trek so he ended up splitting his chain taking the changer of and cycling home on just the big chain ring. So myself, Nick and Elaine then carried on our ride to Ashbourne and back with a stop at Denstone cafe for Tea and cake and the cake was bloody good home made. To say it was a windy ride would be an understatement at one point we were going up a 11% climb and the wind was just blowing us back as fast as we peddled up boy I hope we don’t hit any wind like that on the End to End ride. And the good news is I have still not had a beer 5 days now.