2 Groups

It was a good turn out yesterday Sunday a group of about 8 riders joined us from Draycott, Jan, Phil, Mick, Simon and the Draycott  guys set of for a very hard Hilly ride into the Peak district I think  about 60 miles Jan and Simon text me Sunday evening to say it had been a good hard ride.

Whilst Tom,Nick, Paul, Elaine, Amanda,Carol, and myself did less hilly ride but about 60 miles the long way to Foston cafe Tom was trying out his new bike i was taking it easy after having a good day and night out Saturday for my birthday with Karen the big 60 next year. I left the cafe early with Carol she had to be home early  so I set a good speed with her against a very strong wind when  I left her  she had about 1.5 miles to go for home with about 10 mins to do it so she was OK, The new tablets are doing a god job on my Tendonitis and helping the ankle as well 2 weeks today we will be setting off from lands End and my leg is better every day so fingers and legs crossed I should be OK


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