Introduced Nick to Babe

Had a good 43 mile ride with Tom and Nick went to our cafe at Foston once again Hazel made us a great beans and scrambled egg on brown toast. We also introduced Nick to Babe the new pig. When will this wind stop boy it was hard riding back and bloody cold as well its May next week come on sun  time you was here. Me like an idiot decided fingerless gloves would be warm enough wrong decision me thinks. Any way move on the doctor gave me some tablets to help with tendonitis in my wrist also help take the swelling down in my ankle, ankle still  swollen but my wrist felt a  lot better today not half as much pain only problem they give me a lot of turbo boost from my bum Tom and Nick not to impressed, but if stops my pain so be it. And even better when two of us have to share a room on our ride they may decide I would be better in the single room.


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