Day started with a sickening bang

Whilst putting new bike on bike carrier to take in to have gears checked , bent down to put electrics plug from number plate board in towing socket coming back up I banged my head on my chain wheel leaving 3 nice indentations and a sore bleeding head great start to the day.

4 of us set of for a short 30 mile ride 1.20pm Tom, Nick, Elaine and I after about 2 miles Tom had major bike trouble his front gear changer snapped of his new carbon Trek so he ended up splitting his chain taking the changer of and cycling home on just the big chain ring. So myself, Nick and Elaine then carried on our ride to Ashbourne and back with a stop at Denstone cafe for Tea and cake and the cake was bloody good home made. To say it was a windy ride would be an understatement at one point we were going up a 11% climb and the wind was just blowing us back as fast as we peddled up boy I hope we don’t hit any wind like that on the End to End ride. And the good news is I have still not had a beer 5 days now.


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