Jo’s puncture ride

Ever think you should have stayed in bed. 5 pints yesterday watching Wigan in semi final followed by 2 whiskeys later at home my measures. Felt like shit when alarm went of but decided I would go out with the gang. Joanne had 3 front wheel punctures on our way out to the cafe stop I was about a much use as a chocolate fire guard. The rest of the gang had to help her  Tom,Phil,Bob,Mick and Paul just 7 of us on the to the cafe but we meet up with Carol at the Cafe.Felt no better after a big plate of scrambled eggs beans on toast and 4 cups of tea with plenty sugar. We had to do battle with a very strong wind seemed to be in our faces all day, Jo and Bob left us about 2 miles from home she texed me later to tell me she got another front wheel puncture that’s a record for our small club 4 puncture’s in one day most Ive ever had is 2 in a day Tom once had 3. Watch this space trying 2 give up beer now until the ride 4 weeks to go


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