Went to watch the Boss work!

Decided it was a great day so a small ride in order, once Karen gone to work tided up a bit. My mate wanted me to put a car cycle rack on ebay for him so did that and within 15mins had a phone call someone wanted to buy it straight away  that was it sold wish I had as much luck on ebay. Anyway I decided I would do a steady ride to Uttoxeter and back 20 easy miles stopped at the bank just to check the wife was working hard she had a queue 10 deep so gave her a quick wave and left must be getting soft in my old age. I stopped of at Uttoxeter cycles on the way back two cyclist where talking about a lad who got knocked of his bike in January and besides being in hospital for ages with smashed up leg was back cycling and had done 70 miles on Monday. Should have seen there faces when I said excuse me but I think that’s me your talking about and I only did 53 miles on Monday it was quite funny we ended up having a real good chat and I said I will meet up for an evening  ride with there group maybe next week.



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