2 mile stones today

Had a good ride today with CCC met 10 am Morrisons  riders Myself, Tom, Paul, Jan, Amanda,Dan,Jason and Dave, rode out to the ice cream farm Gnosall including a coupe of good hills, It was cold and even snowed a bit once again I was the back marker holding the rest up. The good news did 53mile for first time since I was knocked of my bike and also managed to stand and pedal for a few hundred yards, mind you the fist time I stood up was not by choice hit a hill in the wrong gear found myself almost falling off so just stood on the pedals by and no pain felt great got some speed up changed down and sat down again. Will be out on the bike Wed, Thur , Fri get the legs built up some more  ready for Lands End – John O Groats. Six weeks today I will set off from Lands End with Tom and Nick this seemed ages away when I was lying in hospital bed for 6 days and leg only coming out of plaster 3 weeks ago but I set myself a goal and aimed for it


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