Breakfast Bun

Breakfast Bun

A bun with breakfast on and its good

Up nice and early Fri morning  felt good no pain, soreness or reaction from Thursdays  40 mile ride with nick. 10 am going meet up with some of the gang from CCC at Master Potter for another 40 mile ride. I was the 1st at the Potter shortly after Amanda arrived followed  by Tom, Nick, Elaine and Joanne 5 min’s  later Phil and Mick  met us on route.Tom led the ride to a new cafe in Foston called the Nose Bag It would be a good try out for me because its quite a hilly ride also my first back to back 40 mile ride’s. With only six week left before the 3 Amigos Lands End – John O;Groat’s this will be a good tryout on my injured Leg I got left on the hills main problem is that I still can’t stand up and pedal so I have to sit in the saddle and grind up the hill , but I made it up all the hills no problem just a bit slow was good to hit 14% on some hills with no problem.

The new cafe Nose Bag really good pot of tea and food good  nice and warm and light good looking and friendly girls behind the counter and its starting to get popular with cyclist. Got  talking two a couple  80 years old who arrived on a tandem and who still compete in tandem races get couple. After about an hour we set of home by another route not quite as hilly but with one good 14% hill was just starting to get cold by the time we got home but really enjoyed the ride cheers Tom  for leading it and the rest of the gang for waiting for me (peg leg). Will have a rest Saturday but will be out again on Sunday Steven.

Nice Pot and CupTom tucking inMe with Elaine,Nick,Joanne and AmandaElaine, Nick, Joanne and Amanda


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