Toasted Teacakes


Finally got out again on the bike met Nick at Master Potter 10am for a ride to Shugbrough and it was bloody cold. Going up Breech lane was fun half the road was under snow drifts and really icy, but that was nothing compared with what waited for us.The road between Hilderstone and Sandon in places was down to a single track, cars had left tracks in the snow were there wing mirrors rubbed against the snow. This is no joke but in places the snow drift was hanging over us as we cycled passed. About 8 miles from Shugbrough  the garmin decided to stop doing live tracking my hands where too cold stop and fixed it

Time for Teacakes  Yum Yum

Time for Teacakes Yum Yum

This about the safest place to stop too get a snow shot

This about the safest place to stop too get a snow shot

so decided would wait till we got Shugbrough.

By the time we got shugbrough I was ready for one  of there special BIG teacakes and a cup of tea but 1st of all like most men I needed a wee. Teacakes eaten tea drank time to play with garmin I gave up passed it to Nick Mr  IT well hes better than me but no Joy.

So we left Shugbrough  decided to ride through the estate the Hall looked great with a back drop of snow and it was quite busy with walkers but the best sight was the long horned cattle with the sun behind them what a sight. On our way home we decided to stop at my place for tea ad hot cross buns and so Nick could have a peep at my new Bike.
Once tea and buns eaten Nick went home and I had a nice long bath followed by rubbing oil in my legs. so that’s today’s training ride  another 40miles tomorrow but that’s another blog


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