What more snow!

Work up 6.45 am looked out of window more snow should be going for ride with Tom early afternoon, looks like its another spell in toy corner on turbo at least  cycling live on euro sports 2.30pm so an hour in the saddle with Cav and Co. 11.30 got an appointment at my favorite place DENTIST to start work on my teeth I think they will deed a jigger pick to scrape and clean my lower set boy they look and feel a mess also bet it cost me a few bob. Think I will go and do some light leg work at the gym before dentist ya that’s a good thought, when I think back before the accident I used to watch and  smile to myself when I saw beginners ( both sexes}  on leg press struggling pressing very light weight I wonder if guys and girls do the same with me now. Just to finish of police phoned me yesterday to tell me the young lady that ran into me got £300 fine £60 cost and 8 points on her license so now time to move on can’t undo what’s been done. IN SEVERN WEEKS I WILL BE AT LANDS END to start pedaling  that’s my goal


2 thoughts on “What more snow!

  1. I really do think that sentence was way too lenient. I expected a driving ban at least, and maybe an enforced session of road awareness and safety training. I’m no perfect driver myself, but I think we all become a little too complacent at times, and here is a stark reminder of what happens as a result.

    Never mind, we will see you at the finish in John O’Groats, and you have one very proud family!

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