I love Outpatients departments

Early start this morning 8.30m appointment at the hand unit, Ankle swollen up a bit  maybe did a bit to much in the toy corner on turbo yesterday been told expect that. Anyway  they are happy with my progress at the hand clinic. So back home having a coffee and doing a bit more blogging. Ah any young ones reading this make sure you do well at English at school because be leave me its no fun when when your my age and reading and writing doesn’t come easy for you and you don’t know or understand grammar.

Going do another 20 mile in the toy corner (on turbo) after I have finished this see how the ankle holds up  but it got to be done to build it up and get mileage back into my legs, then 2.30pm get down on the physio table Vicky is a lovely young lady put she puts me through  ——- hell on that table my back, shoulders and neck pulled and bent all ways and that’s just for starters before she thinks about my leg and hip.Stitches where jaw platedShoulder and neck InjuriesRight AnklePelvice and Buttock injuries 1Ankle Ligament and tendon damaged


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