Another Monday morning North Staffs Hospital

10am appointment at the department of Oral Surgery mainly to have the wires taken out of my lower jaw and teeth, also to check on plate fitted to left  jaw  to hold it together. Was also told  that loss off feeling down my left side of face permanent oh well I wasn’t always the best talker. Its was a good job Tom ran me because I had to have 2 lots of injections so they could get the wires out.

I will give you a quick breakdown of my injuries start at the bottom, Torn and ripped ligaments and Tendon Right Ankle and Foot. Bruised Pelvis  bone right side, deep cuts in buttocks, 6% twist in spine from Pelvis too shoulders having physio to twist me back in shape (very painful), Left jaw smashed had new joint and plate fitted, whilst my lower jaw and teeth wired together and last of all damaged to right hand  and broken little finger complicated because tendons ripped of off finger joint.

At this point I would like to thank all my mates at CCC  (Cheadle Cycling Club} special thanks to my two amigos Tom and Nick who visited me every week when I was in plaster also Tom for running me to and from hospital, also Jo for stepping in last minute to get me hospital and back, Jan who I call my trainer, well she is Jan special, Dan and Matt for books and videos  I could go on forever. But most of all Karen my wife and family for putting up with me.

Back to today I will do 20 miles on my turbo trainer in the toy corner wish the snow would clear so I could get out on the roads. Visit a mates Dad who as not been too well and wait for the boss (Karen) get home from work

Toy Corner



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