Ice Wipeout; A Bike Ride Gone Bad

Sunday 13th January, 2013 8.50am

One mile into a regular Sunday morning training ride with my cycling club, I stopped to fix a fault with my gears. The weather was cold, crisp and clear with the sun shining; a fresh winter’s morning. With the gears fixed I was about to start cycling again. I looked back down the hill and saw two cars approaching, so I decided to let them pass before I set off. My left foot was on the verge and my right foot on the pedal cleat ready to start. Image

The first car drove past me safely, but the second one did not. The driver had not cleared her windscreen of ice and she didn’t see me. She drove straight into me and my bike. The next thing I remembered was a blur of paramedics and the hospital emergency department.

Now, 10 weeks on, this is my diary to recovery… I have to complete a 1000 mile charity cycle ride in just 7 weeks’ time.


One thought on “Ice Wipeout; A Bike Ride Gone Bad

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